3 Ways The Kling Law Firm Is Providing Support In The Aftermath of Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael was one the strongest hurricanes on record wreaking havoc and leaving a trail of devastation and destruction. With winds in excess of 155mph, and damages in the $1billion range, Hurricane Michael ravaged many areas of Florida. As Floridians know, the numbers and stats of the hurricane season don’t always fairly depict the mental and emotional impact on the survivors. At Kling Law, we’re Floridians, too. That’s why we understand that help filing your claim is where support starts…but not where it ends.

Yes, we make sure your insurance claim is filed in a timely fashion and reaps the maximum financial payout for you. From the founders to the legal team to support staff, the entire crew at Kling Law also puts boots on the ground to help rebuild lives, families, homes, and communities. How? By providing tangible help in three key areas:

  1. Kling Law and its associates traveled to Bonifay and Vernon to drop off much needed supplies for the victims of Hurricane Michael. Our relief efforts include donating and delivering fresh and canned foods and much needed, bottled water.
  2. We’re also happy to provide many of the personal supplies you need as you recover. Diapers, baby wipes, toothpaste, tooth brushes, socks, and personal hygiene items are just a few of the items we purchase, collect, donate, and deliver.
  3. We also donate cleaning supplies. Soap, lotion, and deodorant go a long way toward helping a hurricane victim feel better. We make sure to include disinfectants and cleaning supplies that help victims create clean living spaces while their homes and properties undergo renovation or complete rebuilds.

As Floridians deal with the fallout from its most recent hurricane, we’re here to help. We’re proud to help you make the most of your insurance claim. The most important support we provide, though, is a listening ear, a compassionate environment, and a safe space to recover. At Kling Law, we fight for you before and after a hurricane strikes.

Your Claim. Your recovery. Our expertise.


Aaron Kling
Aaron Kling
Mr. Kling graduated with Honors from the Stetson University College of Law in 2009, where he was an assistant editor of the Stetson Law Review and a member of the honors symposium. Mr. Kling has been practicing in the area of insurance litigation since 2010. He has litigated hundreds of First Party insurance cases, and has tried numerous insurance cases to verdict. Educational Background Stetson University College of Law (J.D. 2009) cum laude Lehigh University (B.A. 2003, B.S. 2004) Member of Lehigh University Varsity Wrestling Team. Student Bar Association Parliamentarian, Student Issues and Academic Affairs Committee Member. International study International Conflict Resolution, Granada, Spain. International Institute on Comparative Law, Germany and The Netherlands.