Sinkhole Damage

Sinkhole Damage Insurance Claims

Sinkholes are possibly the scariest and most ominous natural disaster that haunt every Floridian’s dreams. Generally speaking, they form when the limestone underneath the soil has been eroded by springs, pipe leaks or natural erosion, and then the top layer of soil collapses in on itself. Florida, being a limestone-rich area of the country, is particularly susceptible to this natural disaster that affects thousands of people every year.

If you suspect sinkhole damage to your home or property, it’s important to schedule a professional inspection as soon as possible. And don’t forget to document suspected damages with photos and videos. Most frequently, sinkhole damage can be seen on your house by looking in the corners and on the walls for stress damage or split siding that may be indicative of a forming sinkhole. Your insurance policy may or may not cover these damages, so read it over closely to ensure you’re properly covered. Don’t let your insurance company reject your claim without speaking to our team of expert insurance adjustor attorneys first.

The insurance lawyers at Kling Law know exactly what to look for within your insurance policy to know how well you’re covered and what you’re owed in your claim. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for insurance companies to only partially pay or even completely reject a claim based on a technicality or an exclusion somewhere within the policy. Our team of experienced lawyers are prepared to assist you with your sinkhole damage claim.

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