The Hurricane Is Over. Now The Hard Work Begins.

The damage and devastation of Hurricane Ian doesn't end when the winds and flooding start receding. Now comes the battle with the insurance companies to get the financial settlement you deserve.

Recent changes to Florida Law may affect your rights and responsibilities regarding what recovery is available to you and how to put your insurer on notice of any dispute.

If your insurer is denying or underpaying your claim, be sure to hire an attorney familiar with the changes to the law.  In other words, make sure you pick a lawyer that not only will fight for you, but knows how.

Kling Law is Ready to Help

Having represented hundreds of insureds recovering from hurricane losses, Kling Law has the experience and skill you deserve in assisting you with your claim.  From normal single family homes to Hotels and Homeowners’ associations, Kling Law has successfully represented a wide range of homeowners and business owners.  If you feel like you are being treated unfairly or if you want to ensure your claim is correctly documented and reported, we are here to help.

How We Fight For You:

  • We make sure your damages are assessed and filed correctly the first time
  • We don’t collect a fee until you receive the settlement you deserve
  • We review your insurance policy with a fine-toothed comb
  • We cover the initial cost of filing your claim

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Our legal team is aggressive, experienced, and tenacious. We don’t quit until you have everything you deserve.

Hurricane Ian Facts:

  • Virtually obliterated South West Florida
  • Winds reached an unprecedented 155 mph
  • Category 4 storm only 2mph shy of a category 5 storm makes landfall in Florida

Get Help Filing Your Hurricane Ian Damage Insurance Claim

Don’t risk being denied an insurance payout. Give yourself and your family peace of mind while you rebuild your home and your lives. Kling Law is here to help.

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Do You Need Help With Your Insurance Claim?

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