Bodily Injury Insurance Claims

When you are injured by someone else such as in a car accident, you may have a bodily injury claim for compensation for your injuries. You should be aware that your claim may include more than you think. A bodily injury claim is a claim for compensation for an injury to the body, regardless of how slight or serious.If another person has injured you, then you may have a claim for bodily injury. The amount of compensation is related to the severity of the injury and may include more than mere medical treatment. First, you may be entitled to be reimbursed for the actual amounts of money that you have lost, or had to pay out, due to your injuries.

If you are not able to go to work because of your bodily injury and you lose income, you may be entitled to recover that loss of income. If you have had to spend money for ambulance, emergency room, doctors, hospital, medications, therapies, etc., you may be entitled to have the person who hurt you pay you for the costs of these medical services. In addition, you may have a claim for pain, suffering, and discomfort even though it is difficult to put a specific dollar amount on them.

Lastly, you may have a claim for future losses and/or expenses. Severe injuries can cause problems for years to come. These future claims include loss of future income, costs of future medical care and treatment, permanent disability and impairment, and disfigurement. If an accident has impacted your life, you will want to consult with an experienced attorney to see if you should pursue a lawsuit.

If you have questions regarding a potential bodily injury claim, please contact the attorneys at Kling Law P.A. for a consultation.

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