All About Sinkholes

Sinkholes form in karst terrain principally from the collapse of surface sediments into underground voids and cavities in the limestone bedrock. Slightly acidic ground water slowly dissolves cavities and caves in the limestone over a period of many years. When the cavity enlarges to the point that its ceiling can no longer support the weight of overlying sediments, the earth collapses into the cavity. In the less catastrophic type of sinkhole... [ Read More... ]


Florida Insurance Claims, Sinkhole Claims and Personal Injury Claims. Kling Law P.A. always accepts insurance property damage claims and personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis.
Contingency fee basis means that you only have to pay us if we if we obtain a recovery on your behalf. Additionally, we typically advance the costs in connection with filing a claim and are not reimbursed these costs unless we obtain a recovery for you.... [ Read More... ]

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